what is stress?

Stress Effects. What is Stress
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Stress Effects On Human Being

What is Stress and we Divided into two areas: physical and Psychology. The physical definition has objective properties. Which refers to the force acting perpendicularly on A unit area of ​​a fluid or solid interface; From a psychological point of view. Pressure is a cognitive and behavioral experience process composed of pressure sources and pressure responses. That is psychological pressure.

Define Word “Stress” (Main Topic)

The word in English comes from the Latin stringere. Which means “expansion, extension, extraction” and so on. Some people also think that the word stress evolved from “pain tress” in Old French. ” Therefore, In Medieval English, the word “stress” appears in the form of “distress”. Which means ” To cause pain”. ” To cause sadness” or to express as ” Something that causes pain and sadness”. “Stress” was originally Concept psychological Case. Since the end of the 19th century, physiologists, psychologists, and sociologists have used this term to describe the physiological, psychological, and behavioral responses of animals and humans under stress.

Chines Research

Development of Western psychology in China. Stres also report in the re-search of report Chines Medical. Sociology, and psychology. There are many Chinese translation methods for Stress’s research in Chinese medicine, sociology, psychology and other fields. The only “Stresss State” In the “Psychology Dictionary” Published in the late 1980’s in her country . In the Chinese circles in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We generally told “Tension” . The term “pain” is a common vocabulary in the academic circles and even in daily life in these regions. In the 1990’s Shanghai Translation Publishing House’s.

The Case Of Psychology

In short. psychological case is closely related to stressful events. Psychological pressure is generally exists by internal and external pressure. When analyzing the causes of psychological stressness, attention should be to consider. It caused by external pressure or internal pressure. So as to take effective measures to control or eliminate the source of strassness to reduce or eliminate psychological pressure.