Today we gonna Talk About how we Take care of patients. In-Home (Quarantine and isolation) or Hospital, Anywhere. The Pandemic COVID-19 epidemic is an unprecedented challenge in our lifetime. People all over the world keep Social distancing From Every One are missing the normal and regular life of the past. Some people may feel sad about losing their loved ones in the epidemic. Loss, grief and bereavement are difficult and complicated for anyone, especially for children because they may face these for the first time in their lives.

Some Different Following steps to care patient of covid-19:

  • Wear disposable protective🗑️ equipment when taking care of patients.
  • Do not share🤝 all kinds of daily necessities with patients.
  • Wash all clothes👕 with hot water and disinfect them.
  • Open windows for ventilation🍃 when weather permits. 

Wear disposable protective equipment when taking care of patients

Social distancing, human Social distancing
Wear disposable protective

Wear disposable gloves, masks and paper gowns in advance. When leaving the ward, take off this personal protective equipment and put them in a plastic garbage bag. Protective equipment cannot be reused, otherwise, you may accidentally be infected with a Pandemic virus.

  • The coronavirus will spread through the air and will attach to your clothes, so take proper protective measures as much as possible.

Do not share all kinds of daily necessities with patients

Take care of patients, Quarantine and isolation, Pandemic Virus, COVID-19
Take care of patients, Quarantine and isolation


Coronavirus can attach to objects such as cups, plates, utensils and towels. If someone in the family is sick, the daily necessities of each family member must be separated. Otherwise, it may cause accidental infection. 

  • Be careful! Even if you are only suspected of being sick, it is best to thoroughly disinfect them before using them, or simply buy a new one.

Wash all clothes with hot water and disinfect them

Clothing, bedding, and towels may be infected with the Pandemic coronavirus(COVID-19), so be sure to wash them thoroughly. Set the washing machine to the highest water temperature, and then add the recommended amount of detergent according to the amount of laundry. Depending on your washing machine model, you can run it in normal or powerful washing mode.

  • As long as it does not damage the fabric, you might as well add a full cover of disinfectant or color bleaching detergent to more thoroughly disinfect the clothes.

Open windows for ventilation when weather permits

Since the coronavirus will spread through the air(Social distancing), if you are in the same room as the patient, the risk of infection will be greater. And opening the window can keep the air in the room circulating, thereby minimizing the risk of infection. Whenever possible, you can open a window or turn on the air conditioner.

  • it is raining outside, or the temperature outside is too low or too high, do not open the window.
  • I Think Almost Take care of patients.