Use a Diary To Record Your Thoughts

In This Article let me know what you think (I want to know what you re thinking)to Cultivate the habit of writing down your thoughts every night, or not for anything else, just record the moments when you feel upset or inspired. Many of the people are rethinking but I know what you rethinking.  Do not record what happened on this day like a stream of water-write some of your thoughts about your own life, what is your goal, and the questions you will develop further. Reflect on your beliefs, consider trying something new, and relentlessly pursue the truth. Getting into the habit of doing these things in your diary will also help you do it in real life.

  • When you feel confused, you can review your diary and find your true self. What problem is bothering you? What is the situation you can recognize? Re-reading your own text will help you discover new things.

Remember You Can’t Deceive Yourself(Know what you think)

Remember that you are who you are See my Article (I know what you rethinking). It is not simply good and bad, or right and wrong. When we start to evaluate ourselves, it always makes us nervous. When we realize this, we will be very tolerant of ourselves. You are not trying to prove that you are a surprisingly perfect person with endless energy; you are trying to understand your own heart so that you can control yourself. Do a spiritual search for yourself, don’t expect yourself to become the greatest person in the world.

  • You may find yourself loose, procrastinating, and indecisive in love. But you will also find that you are a sincere friend, you are very good, and very observant.

Keep looking for your characteristics

 I want to know what you re thinking
I want to know what you re thinking

Characteristics of I know what you rethinking are an elusive thing. An impulsive person may not necessarily be proud of who he is. They are thrifty on Monday, go shopping spree on Wednesday, full of guilt on Thursday, and thrifty for the next three weeks, and so on. The key here is to unify your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours so that they are consistent. Pay attention to the interlocking content of your life.

  • Avoid excessive life. When we eat medicine, drink alcohol, have sex, shop or overeating, it is difficult for us to know our true self.

Column priority list (Know what you think)

Make a list of the things that are most important to you, your friends, family, studies, world history, yoga…whatever, really think about the meaning of each of them in your life. Knowing what is important to you allows you to see clearly what makes you feel that life is important and meaningful(I want to know what you re thinking). The listed table may surprise you. Take a little longer and review the addition of some new and important things.

  • When you have listed all the content, give them several levels. See which of these things are most important to you, even if you put a tie first or second.

Take responsibility for your actions

It is easy to blame others for your failures and setbacks. Maybe your parents didn’t give you enough love. Maybe your teacher or boss didn’t realize your full potential; maybe your previous relationships made you lose all confidence and forget what you really are. Of course, everyone will be discouraged by external pressure, but the sooner you realize and accept that you can control your own destiny, you should take responsibility for your failures, and the sooner you can make your life better Change in direction.

  • If you make excuses for every undesirable thing that happens, then you cannot accept that these shortcomings are actually part of you.
  • Also be responsible for your achievements. Your achievement is not only luck, whether it is becoming a top table tennis player or learning a foreign language.

Respect yourself

Show respect for who you are, remember that you are unique, you deserve to be loved and paid attention to. Give yourself the care that is truly worthwhile, give yourself time to be alone, time to stroll, and time to think. Spoil yourself and take a long hot bath. List the things you really love about yourself, look at yourself in the mirror, and smile at yourself. Accept that you are imperfect, but still love yourself.

  • Remember, if we are all perfect and all the same, how boring the world will be. Accept your special, emphasize your special!