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Harvard University as a headquarters is located in Massachusetts, Cambridge, the private research university. It has been rated as one of the most prestigious universities in the world due to factors such as history, academic influence and wealth.

Universitas Harvardiana ( Latin name )
MottoVeritas (Latin)
Chinese translationtruth
Creation time1636
types of schoolPrivate, research.
Endowment fundUS$32.3 billion (2013)
principalLawrence Bako
Number of teachers2,100
Number of employees11,000 (medicine)
2,500 (other)
Student number21,225
Number of undergraduates7,181
Number of graduate students14,044
School address Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.
210 acres (85 hectares) in the urban
area, 22 acres (8.9 hectares) in the medical district.
359 acres (145 hectares) in Alston 
Other assets 4,485 acres (1,815 hectares)
school magazineThe Harvard Crimson
(“Harvard University Newspaper”)
School teamNCAA Division I – Ivy League (42 school teams)
represent colorH crimson
nicknameCrimson (name of school team)
AffiliationAssociation of
New England Schools

Plan(American Civil War)

 After the American Civil War, The then-president Charles Eliot integrated the various academic institutions of Harvard into a research university and added small classes and entrance exams. These models also affected the country’s secondary and higher education policies. This school is also one of the 14 original members of the Association of American Universities. And further revised it’s curriculum and admission policies after the Great Depression and World War II. Later it merged with Radcliffe College to become a co-educational school. Universitas Harvardiana ( Latin name ) Motto Veritas (Latin) Chinese translation truth Creation time 1636 types of school Private, research.

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University Cost(Harvard University)

Endowment fund US$32.3 billion (2013). Principal Lawrence Bako Number of teachers 2,100. A number of employees 11,000 (medicine) 2,500 (other) Student number 21,225 Number of undergraduates 7,181 Number of graduate students 14,044, School address Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S. Campus 210 acres (85 hectares) in the urban area, 22 acres (8.9 hectares) in the medical district, 359 acres (145 hectares) in Alston [3] Other assets 4,485 acres (1,815 hectares) [4] school magazine. The Harvard Crimson (“Harvard Uni Newspaper”) School team NCAA Division. I – Ivy League (42 school teams) represent colour H crimson nickname. Crimson (name of the school team) Affiliation Association of New England Schools website Harvard.

Harvard University

Building Structure

The school currently has ten colleges and one advanced research institute. These units Partial cloth neighbouring districts: its headquarters in Cambridge, Harvard courtyard; medicine, public health and the School of Dentistry is located in Boston’s Longwood Medical Area; and including Harvard Stadium, including sports facilities and the University School of Business at Allston. Harvard also has huge assets, and the number of donation rebates received each year has long been ranked first among global educational institutions. 

This University is one of the most difficult institutions in the United States to enter. The school’s graduate courses are more diversified, while undergraduate education is mainly concentrated in the fields of liberal arts and sciences. The school implemented a financial aid policy in 2007, and students whose family annual income is less than a certain number are exempted from tuition fees to varying degrees. 

Library/Harvard University

It has the oldest library system in the United States, and it is also the world’s largest private and university library system, with a collection of more than 16 million volumes. He is a member of the Ivy League school. There are currently 42 teams participating in different sports competitions, which belong to the National University Athletic Association Group A. In addition to sports, students’ extracurricular life also includes activities organized by various societies. Harvard alumni include 8 American presidents and multinational leaders and political figures; it has also trained 62 wealthy entrepreneurs and 335 Rhodes scholars, with the largest number in the United States. As of October 2019, there are a total of 160 Nobel Prize winners, 18 Fields Medal winners, and 14 Turing Prize winners who have studied or worked at Harvard.


Campus University’s 85- hectare headquarters is located on the Harvard Courtyard in Cambridge. Which is about 5.5 kilometres northwest of Boston’s business district. It includes the Central Administrative Office and the University Central Library. There are also several academic buildings, Such as the university hall, memorial church and freshman dormitory. A total of twelve residence halls for undergraduate students, nine southern Harvard courtyard is located close to the Charles River; the rest is in the north-west of the courtyard. There was originally a student dormitory before Radcliffe College until both use the same merge To the accommodation policy. There are transportation services such as buses and railways near the campus for students and faculty members to shuttle through the campus.

Harvard University business school and most of its sports facilities are located on the west side of Boston. Covering an area of ​​145 hectares. The pedestrian bridge in the city-John Waite Bridge spans the Charles River and connects the two campuses. The Harvard School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, and School of Public Health are in the Longwood Medical District, covering about 8.9 hectares, About 5.3 kilometres southwest of the Boston business district, and 5.3 kilometres away from the headquarters. There are buses arriving at the headquarters near the medical area, and the midway stops include Back Bay and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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