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Today are you ready for some freaky magic. I will guess your age in a minute are you a risky person or a businessman. who is always up for a bet great then let’s bet I’ll figure out your long. After asking only six simple questions.if you can check directly check your age click Age Calculator or guess your age quiz by Different types of quiz. Be attentive and solve this number to this test can guess your age.

6 Simple Questions about guess your age

Let us Take a calculator and a pen with a sheet of paper and let’s get it rolling. But before hit the Share button to join us on the community of life.

Choose Your Favorite Number

Numbers by guess your age

Choose Your Favorite Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. 10 doesn’t count I said 1 2 9 remember pick the one you like the most remember to write it down on the paperso that it doesn’t slip your mind later this number will be X Like (You Choose Any Number) alright.

Multiply Numbers

Let’s multiply your number by 2. So X( A Number that you choose) multiplied by 2 well that simple. I won’t even need my calculator. 2*2

Add Number(guess your age)(And calculate H1, H2, H3=?)

Age Calculate Number

Then add(+) 5 to your result. And X( A Number that you choose) by multiplied with 2 plus 5 got it. Now all of the Choose numbers, Multiply Number, and now Add number….. 2*2=?+5

Now multiply the result you’ve got by 50. This is getting a bit more complicated. Where’s my calculator so Xmultiplied by 2 plus 5 and all this multiplied by 50 ok

Your date of birth comes into play. If you have already celebrated your birthday this year. Now Calculation number is 1768 to your final result and if this magnificent event is still ahead added 1767. You need to subtract the year of your birth from your final result.on the other hand, some time you can check age by guess your age quiz.

Last Step to check guess your age

after now finnaly Guess Your Age you’ve done thisyou get a three-digit number the first digit is the number you chose at theInuk and the following two digits areyour age if you haven’t made anymistakes in your calculation you’ll havethe right answer Wowthat’s absolutely astonishing how doesit work well let’s do this math togetherso I need to pick one number from onedenied well my favorite number is 5 sothat’s what all opt for now I should multiply 5 by 2

5 times 2 gives me 10. Let me add 5 to my result 10 plus five makes 15 give me a second I’ll just grab my calculator here. I can’t multiply 15times 50 without using 1. Here we go 15 times 50 equals 750. I need to add 1768 to 750 done this is two thousand five-hundred eighteen finally I’m supposed to subtract the year of my birth from the final result okay two thousand five hundred eighteen -1986 is five-thirty – that’s fantastic five is the number I chose in the beginning. I’m indeed 32 years old at least And Solve this, so finally, I can ask you in the first paragraph to this test can guess your age proper way for this example hey do you have any idea how it works if so sound off in the comments below

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