How to Enhance Memory

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Have you ever had such an experience: During the exam, you had just reviewed the day before, but you can’t remember what you read. This article is to teach you how to enhance memory or memory-enhancing exercises. According to your learning style, you can choose the memory method that suits you. The tips in this article are very suitable for memorizing mathematical formulas and text content. You can use memory enhancer food. but I cannot recommend it. If you Have too, Then I take Best memory enhancer food With New Article …Then Please Comment Below For memory enhancer food Article

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(I) Auditory learner

1. Memory through hearing

If you are good at remembering what you say orally and what your ears hear, then you are probably an auditory learner. Refer to the following to determine whether you are an auditory learner:

  • You clearly remember the content of the conversation or lecture.
  • Your vocabulary is very rich, you like words, your language skills are very strong, and you learn foreign languages ​​very quickly.
  • You are very good at speaking, talkative and able to express your inner thoughts clearly.
  • You are also quite accomplished in music, you can hear each individual note in pitch, rhythm, and harmony.

2. Take A deep breath

Enhance memory memory enhancing exercises

Don’t Take Stress. First, go through the entire article or course you want to read. If the content is too long, it can be divided into chapters to complete.

  • Link the content of the text with your own personal experience. This is called “associative memory”. This connection does not have to be reasonable, as long as it is more interesting, more impressive, and can stimulate memory-enhancing exercises.
  • When reciting English words, if a word is relatively long, such as Comprehension, you can read the word repeatedly, remember the pronunciation, and extract the consonants first, that is CMPRHSN. If your pronunciation is correct, you can accurately Insert the vowels in, forms a Comprehension.
  • Transform the text content you want to remember into a picture. For example, if you want to memorize the definition of a scientific investigation (for example, a scientist proposes a principle based on the evidence he has collected by studying the natural world), then you can draw a scientist on the paper, and he/she is explaining to another person , With evidence beside it. The order of drawing should be consistent with the order of text content. Write some modifying words next to it.

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3. The key to memory is repetition

 Keep listening and reading to help you remember the order of things:

  • Read the first sentence first.
  • Without reading the book, repeat it in your own words.
  • After Read the first and second sentences.
  • And repeat it again without reading aloud.
  • Then read the first sentence, the second sentence and the third sentence.
  • Then tell the content without reading the book until you can remember it completely.
  • Repeat until you can fully remember the content of the article.

4. Rest Awhile (Enhance Memory)

memory enhancer food. memory enhancing exercises
Memory Enhancer Food Brain

You can use memory enhancer food. but I cannot recommend it. If you Have too, Then I take Best memory enhancer food With New Article …Then Please Comment Below For memory enhancer food Article. It is very important to keep a clear head. When you think you remember something similar, take a break for 20 to 30 minutes. During the break, do some relaxing and enjoyable things (that is, do things that do not require brain learning), such as calling friends and walking in the park. Let the brain rest, let the brain slowly digest what you just remembered, and turn the memory into long-term memory. Constantly instilling new concepts and content into the brain will interfere with the formation of long-term brain memory.

5. After Taking a Break, Test Yourself to See If You Remember Everything.

If you still remember, it means you really remembered. If some content becomes fuzzy, then repeat the content of this part again emphatically.

6. Listen to Your own Voice

Read out and record what you need to remember, and then play your own recording while you sleep. This method is not suitable for the content that you have just learned and are not familiar with. But it helps to enhance your memory of what you have learned.

  • You can buy a headband that can hold the earphones so that you can listen to the recording while you sleep. This method is widely used by those who like to use light music to help fall asleep.

7. Listen to the voices of others

If possible, record what the teacher said in class. Listening two or three times repeatedly can effectively help you(memory-enhancing exercises) memorize the content of the lesson.

8. Walk around (Enhance Memory)

When endorsing the book, you can walk around the room with the book. By walking around, you can effectively use your left and right brains to enhance memory.