“Who am I(Discover Your Self) how to discover yourself?” how to find me. All this how to self explore. This answer is not fixed, why? We are not an object inlaid in stone, we will develop, change, grow, and constantly adapt to the things around us. However, at the age of six, a person’s inner definition of himself finding myself is quite fixed. But how do you discover what this definition is?.

1 Take action

2 Know what you think

3 Keep exploring

Take Action

Ask someone you trust to help

Find your close friends and ask them what they think are your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure that the person you choose really understands you so that you can get answers without being hurt. These people may have a deeper understanding of you, and you are too close to yourself to find out. Sometimes this can also help us understand how we are in the eyes of others. It may not be who you are, but it may be correct.

  • Find two people I think these quires Discover Your Self(finding myself) is best if who hate you so much and ask the same question! You know you might be cursed, and to some extent you are ready. What you learn will be more useful, even if you don’t acknowledge all they say, but in the end, it won’t be.
  • People who don’t care much about you will give you “not false” facts; know that they are most likely to see the least attractive side of you, so what they tell you is not all you. Maybe, your simple “thank you” will leave a deep impression.

2. Identify your own shortcomings


discover your self,finding myself

 List the abilities you want to have. It can be anything, such as being a better listener or not caring about what others think. You can’t change your true self immediately, or you can change your abilities within a week, but if you are really determined to do it, you can work hard to improve different aspects of yourself. Let yourself become the best self and keep working hard, will also let you see the true self clearly. Knowing how you want to change yourself can let you know your abilities.

  • Start small. Write a diary about it, find your own choice, and make a plan. Work hard day by day instead of expecting to finding myself within a week.
  • Many times, when we start to pay attention to something, it means that we start to change. Don’t change too much too quickly, you will give up because you are overwhelmed. The only thing that can change you is yourself, but only if you want to.

3. Give yourself time to be alone

Make sure to have time alone in your schedule for the week, no matter how busy you are. If you have been running between work, school and social responsibilities, there is no chance of breathing or giving yourself a little time. If your schedule is too tight, try to get rid of things that don’t have much practical meaning to you and change to time for self-exploration.

  • Even if you are just watching your favourite movie or doing some light exercises, as long as you are alone, focusing on your mind and body, it may help you discover something new about yourself.
  • Don’t neglect yourself because of the final social responsibility-remember that you promised to give yourself time, and you shouldn’t throw everything away just to go to a party.

4. Create Art(Discover Your Self)

You may think that you are the least creative person in the world, but it may just be that you have never given yourself a chance. Write a poem, paint anything you see outside the window, participate in pottery, oil painting or performance training. Creating art can bring you out of a comfortable life and let you experience some new things to finding myself that can surprise you, inspire you and inspire you.

  • No one asks you to be the second Picasso in order to use art to explore by Discover Your Self(how to self explore). Creating art allows you to focus on your own ideas and discover new things that you haven’t discovered before.
  • Creative writing is a great way to explore your deepest thoughts. When you are looking for themes for a short story, you may find that something you really care about—like childhood with your grandmother—may be more than what you have actually done.

5. Change Yourself(Discover Your Self)

NOW YOUSELF, Discover Your Self,how to find me

Do things that you would usually be afraid or afraid to do, join a new group and try to make new friends to finding myself with new friends. Sign up for the 10,000-meter race, even though you have never run more than 3 kilometres without interruption; see how long you can last without being on Facebook or watching soap operas; leaving your easy life(Discover Your Self) and seeing what you can do. As a result, you may master some tricks to make friends, run, or pass the quiet time instead of indulging in some social media.

  • Start with some small challenges and increase them little by little. Run 5 kilometers and 10,000 meters before signing up for the half marathon, but some difficult things may bring more pleasant surprises.

6. Spend time with different people

If everyone you get along with is very similar to you, has similar behaviours, and defines happiness and meaning in the same things, you may not learn more. On the contrary, getting along with someone who will challenge your beliefs(how to self explore), put forward new ideas in the same context, and encourage you to Discover Your Self deeper answers will allow you to learn more help to finding myself more others. You don’t need to give up your current circle of friends because you suspect that you have too much in common, but you can look for someone who can inspire you, live a different life, have opinions, and can surprise you to be friends.

  • Staying with such a person is more likely to allow you to Discover Your Self new things and reach the deepest part of your heart, rather than just seeing the surface life around you.

hints About Discover Your Self

  • If you like more than one type of clothing, keep both in the closet! The same is true for music.
  • Don’t base yourself on the opinions of others. In fact, you don’t need to compare yourself with others.
  • Be the person you want to be, either someone else, or yourself and how to self explore.
  • Try different clothes, listen to different music, try different attitudes. You will find one that suits you!
  • Remember this is just a process, and in the end, adaptation is not a problem.
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