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John A. Bargh (English: John A. Bargh) believes that many things in daily life are caused by the characteristics of the environment and the results of cognition of the characteristics, not conscious choices.

Sociology Daily Life

The study of daily life is the first branch of sociology. “Everyday Life Sociology” by Jack Douglas is one of the early books in this field. Daily life is also one of the research topics of history, cultural anthropology and folklore.

With the different times, the content of daily life has also changed greatly. Modern life has different forms of media to provide a variety of information, so people will follow their different purposes, in different media make a choice: watch TV, use the Internet, listening to the radio, watching newspapers or magazines, etc. However, the use of the Internet in every day is increasing, and the Internet has become a way of communication. Many people have begun to worry that the Internet will affect the interaction between people and other people. In addition to the Internet, social networks and blogs are also part of the daily lives of many people today.

See Daily Pursuits Like

  • Washing hands, brushing teeth, eating, excretion, sleeping, labor, work, smart running, watch dramas, read the newspaper, player some tasks, and much more
  • life
  • realism
  • Activities of daily living
  • Daily Department

Related Book

  • Sigmund Freud (1901), “The Psychopathology of Everyday Life” 
  • Anshi Lefebvre (1947), “Critique of Everyday Life”
  • Raoul Fanneigemu ( English: Raoul Vaneigem ) (1967), “at The Revolution of Everyday Life” 
  • Michel de Seydou ( English: Michel de Certeau ) (1974), ” the practice of Richangshenghuo ( English: at The Practice of Everyday Life ) ” 
  • John Shotter ( English: Shotter, John ) (1993), “Cultural politics of everyday life: Social constructionism, rhetoric and knowing of the third kind.” 
  • John Bach ( English: John A. Bargh ) (1997), “at The Automaticity of Everyday Life.” 
  • “The Everyday Life Reader”, 2001, edited by Ben Highmore. ISBN 041523025X
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